LinkedIn Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the LinkedIn Login:



How to access the correct LinkedIn Login page:

1. Enter this link into your web browsers' address bar by clicking on it as it is highlighted here:

2. Enter your email address that is associated with the particular account that you need to access right now. We understand that many people have business and personal accounts here. No matter which account type you have, it all comes through this same link.

3. Enter your password into the following link that is provided

4. Click the sign in button in order to access your specific account home page.





If you have had difficulty in successfully accessing the LinkedIn Login page, continue reading for more instructions.

If you have forgotten the email address needed for the LinkedIn Login page, read the following note:

NOTE: There is no way of being able to recover this information via the website. Also, unfortunately they do not provide any solutions on their site for contacting someone regarding this issue. Once this process is either changed or contact information becomes available, we will update it for you here. On the other hand, the other option unfortunately would be to start a new account with them with a new email address.

If you have forgot your password needed to successfully complete the LinkedIn Login page, read the following steps:

1. Next to the password field is a highlighted text asking if you have forgotten your password. Click that text to continue.

2. Enter the email address associated with the account you need to access.

3. Click the "continue" button. This will send your instructions to the email address you provided in step two. Follow the instructions to reset your password.

4. After you have your new password, continue to the video above or step one in the login process.




Should you need to contact someone regarding your LinkedIn Login page, read this note:

NOTE: We have search high and low and we are here to tell you that there most definitely is no customer service calling methods for people with true account issues. Even if you only wanted to inquire about media or advertising, they have no contact information provided for this anywhere. Should they ever decide to publish their information, we will update it for your here.


Hopefully you are at least able to gain access to your account easier now. Also we hope that if you unfortunately had to create a new account that all of your credentials will be kept safely someplace. As you can see, it's very important to keep your data safe when a company will not do very much at all to help recover lost information. Bookmark this page and check back periodically or as needed to make sure you have all the latest information regarding the LinkedIn Login page.